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Project Gallery- How We Fix It!

Dry Rot and Termite Damaged Exterior Siding Repair

M3maintenance helps homeowners and commercial building owners with their siding projects. If you suspect rot, contact us immediately so we can perform an inspection and provide you with options to help repair the exterior of the building to prevent further moisture penetration. We recently visited a home to help fix damaged siding but upon inspection it was found the home had wood rot and been a termite food fest for quite some time. Read our full post to see How We Fix It!

Window Sill Dry Rot Replacement

If you live in a rainy, wet climate with plenty of precipitation, then the wood around your windows is at risk of rotting. It’s really as simple as that. When the wood around a window is rotted, it will need to be replaced. M3maintenance has been in the business of dry rot repair, rotted wood removal, siding repair, and general carpentry for many years. We deal with rotting wood all the time and know how to resolve the problem. Read our post to see How We Fixed It!

Damaged Fence Repair Project

Wooden fences are a beautiful addition to your property. A wooden fence adds value and curb appeal to your property – rather, a fence in good repair adds value and appeal.  If the wood rot has compromised big areas of your fence or has made areas too weak, you will probably have to replace the wood. You should call fencing experts to replace it. Read our full post to see How We Fix It!

Remove and Replace Rotten Particle Board Subflooring Around Vent Cover

Particleboard is easily damaged by moisture and water, making it a poor choice for subflooring. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped it from being used. The only way to repair deteriorated or rotten particle board subflooring is to remove the damaged areas. See our recent repair project of rotten particle board subflooring.

Front Porch & Wood Deck Restoration From Termite and Dry Rot Damage

Your deck might have termites or it might have wood rot, or even both. Termite damage and decay can look similar to an untrained eye but an expert can tell the difference by probing the wood.  Read our full post to see How We Fix It!

Exterior Siding Repair Of Dry Rot Damage Caused By Faulty Construction Paper Installation

When it comes to siding, this exterior material layer offers the building protection to ward off moisture as well as hot and cold temperatures to keep your place safe from the outdoor elements. However, rot and decay from negligence, pests, and age can quickly leave your building exposed.  Read our post to see How We Fixed It!

Repairing A Rotted Window Frame

Windows are an essential component of the house you live in. As intermediaries between the outside and inside of your home, windows are especially vulnerable to large amounts of moisture. Here are some photos from a recent project we did to repair a rotted wood window frame.  Read our full post to see How We Fix It!

Building A Green Corrugated Suntop Roof

Want to add some cover to your backyard? This homeowner did, so we helped them build a Green Corrugated Suntop Roof.  Click here to view photos of the project!

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