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Damaged Fence Repair Project

Wooden fences are a beautiful addition to your property. A wooden fence adds value and curb appeal to your property – rather, a fence in good repair adds value and appeal. 

If the wood rot has compromised big areas of your fence or has made areas too weak, you will probably have to replace the wood. You should call fencing experts to replace it.

As with all maintenance tasks, your best plan of action is to prevent any damage in the first place. You can’t prevent rain and snow from drenching your fence, but you can prevent the moisture from penetrating into the wood. So, have a weatherproof stain applied to your fence when it’s first installed. You should re-stain the fence periodically.

Next, keep plant life well away from your fence. You should never train plants to grow onto your fence because they create damp spots. What’s more, your landscaping shouldn’t grow directly against the fence either.

Finally, if you feel your fence is especially susceptible to rot, consider treating it with borate. Borate is a fungicide that’s safe to apply to wood and is also safe for humans and animals, so you can spray the solution right onto the fence.

Don’t let wood rot mar the beauty of your fence. Let the experts at M3maintenance help you with all your fencing needs. Click here to contact us today!