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Window Sill Dry Rot Replacement

If you live in a rainy, wet climate with plenty of precipitation, then the wood around your windows is at risk of rotting. It’s really as simple as that.

Windows are an essential component of the house you live in. As intermediaries between the outside and inside of your home, windows are especially vulnerable to large amounts of moisture.

Any water damage around a window indicates that the frame is not functioning correctly or that water from the outside of the home is leaking inside—which will eventually cause the wood around your window frame to rot and is an excellent reason to get it repaired.

When the wood around a window is rotted, it will need to be replaced. Tackling this arduous job, as well as determining the leakage areas that have caused the moisture to penetrate your home, are most readily and effectively accomplished by trained professionals.

M3maintenance has been in the business of dry rot repair, rotted wood removal, siding repair, and general carpentry for many years. We deal with rotting wood all the time and know how to resolve the problem.

M3maintenance provides home window frame repairs, so if your window frame is rotting that needs professional care, please contact us.