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Remove and Replace Rotten Particle Board Subflooring Around Vent Cover

Unlike typical home ills such as broken windows, fading paint, and sagging doors, infestations of rot in floors aren’t obvious. You might not even detect the problem until you feel a soft spot in the floor, hear a suspicious squish as you step down, or find your toilet tilting and beginning to rock from side to side.

Unfortunately, by this time, the rot has already done some damage, so a complete cure requires two tasks. First, you have to eliminate the conditions that caused it — moisture in wood. And second, you’ll have to replace any weakened wood.

Particleboard is easily damaged by moisture and water, making it a poor choice for subflooring. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped it from being used. The only way to repair deteriorated or rotten particle board subflooring is to remove the damaged areas.